Move To New York City

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I move to New York City seven years ago. The process was painful and difficult. I learned most things the hard way: finding a job, getting a visa, calculating my cost of living, choosing an apartment. That’s why I wrote this e-book, to tell you how I did it. No bullshit, no stress.

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You can find some information on the internet but it’s either scattered, outdated or written in complicated and confusing language. This e-book puts it all in one place in simple, no-nonsense terms. All lessons are based on personal experience or collected from NYC friends and legal experts. Each chapter is designed to be one step in your journey. You’ll receive a 110-page PDF you can print or read on your computer, your iPad, smartphone or Kindle. Easy. 

PS: This ebook is perfect for people moving from outside the United States. This isn’t just a book about moving to New York City, but also about moving to the United States. Please only purchase if serious about moving.

Move To New York City

the author

Tobias van Schneider is a German award-winning designer raised in Austria and currently living NYC.

He’s had the privilege of working with companies such as Red Bull, BMW, Google, Wacom, Sony, Toyota, Ralph Lauren, Bwin and more.

Founder of Semplice. Formerly Lead Product Designer & Art Director at Spotify and AIGA Board of Directors in New York.

Tobias’s work and writing has been published in highly acclaimed press such as Fast Company, Washington Post, Forbes, Inc. and USA Today. 


Author of Move To New York City

Full Chapter Overview

Tips on scouting the city and making the most out of your three-month tourist visa.

Making use of events, networking as a designer/developer and tips on finding a job in the industry. How to meet the right people online and offline.

A full chapter just about visas. Overview of work visa options, tips on finding and applying for the right visa, including immigration attorney recommendations.

Calculating your cost of living, with an overview of NYC neighborhoods and average rent prices. Includes tips on when to move to NYC.

One of the biggest challenges: finding the right apartment. This chapter includes best practices on finding your dream apartment, tips on searching online, inspecting apartments, avoiding scams and so on.

Setting up the essentials such as your social security number and NYC ID, health care, a bank account, credit card, apartment utilities and much more. Getting you all set up!

Understanding how the city works. Best practices for eating out and grocery shopping, with simple tricks on navigating the city in the most efficient way.

The last chapter deals with basic annual maintenance, including filing your taxes, health care tips and staying on top of your visa situation.

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IMPORTANT: I am not a lawyer or legal expert. All content in the ebook should not be considered legal advice. You should always seek appropriate counsel for your own situation and speak with a professional. The contents of this book are either based on personal experience or taken from public .gov resources, which are available to anyone with internet access.